Create An Affirming Service Environment for Transgender Patients

Seat time:

30 Minutes



Transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) patients are vulnerable and face many challenges when seeking care. They often bring previous experiences of discrimination to their healthcare encounters and may distrust staff. This 30-minute course offers registration staff and providers a closer look at gender identity, including gender dysphoria, transition, and the difference between sex and gender and binary and non-binary. Misgendering, pronoun usage, outing, and deadnaming are also covered. Common scenarios provide your staff with the skills and understanding they need to build trust and foster an affirming care environment.


  • Prepare to communicate effectively with transgender patients and visitors
  • Explain the importance of welcoming transgender patients with caring service
  • Define common terms

Accompanying Job Aids:

  • Bibliography
  • Glossary of Terms

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