Ask Every Patient REAL

Seat time:

45 minutes


Registration Staff

This critical and foundational eLearning module introduces the concept, methods, and value of collecting race, ethnicity and language (REAL) data. Registration staff will be energized by understanding the importance of their role in improving health outcomes for patients. The package also supports them with valuable, “just-in-time” job aids.


  • Define REAL data and outline why we collect it
  • Describe the importance of using patient self-reporting methodology
  • Explain how to ask patients for the REAL data selections
  • Discuss what to do to address possible patient concerns related to sharing REAL data

Accompanying Job Aids:

  • Asking REAL Questions Script
  • Race and Ethnicity Definitions
  • Handling Challenging Responses
  • Specific or Granular Categories

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From the C-suite to frontline staff – when everyone understands the value of collecting REAL data, everyone wins—especially your patients.

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